About Kate Ward Designs

Kate Ward

Katie has always been drawn to sterling silver and design. After completing her degree in English at UWO, Katie decided to follow her artistic drive and went to the Ontario College of Art and Design. After graduating from  the  Communication and Design program there, she worked as a graphic designer for six years before leaving to raise her three boys.

Katie started making jewellery at Georgian Bay when her kids were very young and she needed a creative outlet.  The simple glass bead necklaces and earrings proved enormously popular and what began literally as a "cottage" industry has now turned into a busy full-time career. While Katie still sells her jewellery at the cottage where it is always in high demand, she now also sells at community events, private clubs, jewelry shows and on-line.

Katie's jewellery, primarily sterling silver designs, ranges from the simple to the dramatic, with pieces that can be worn both with a tee-shirt at the cottage and to a formal function at night. Some, like her "Keepsake Cluster" can be personalized, and there are some designed especially for children, whom Katie loves.  All embody the timeless elegance of classic design made by hand with high quality materials. As Katie says: "I take my inspiration from my friends: I design pieces for happy, confident women who like elegant, unfussy things. My jewellery looks like them: strong, classic and beautiful."

Katie lives and works with her husband and children in Aurora, Ontario. She has rowed, dived and skied competitively, and still runs every day and skis all winter with her family.  "My life is busy, healthy and creative and I adore my family.  My jewellery is -  I hope! -  a reflection of how wonderful my life is."